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RV 217

Local PI: Dr Lucas Maganga
Study Coordinator: Dr. Inge Kroidl
This is a multi-center, non-randomised clinical observational study conducted in three East African contries (Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda) and Thailand.
The research collaboration outlined in this study measures the epidemiology of HIV in a volunteer cohort drawn from high-risk populations in these contries.  The primary objective of the study is to estimate HIV-1 incidence and retention in a volunteer cohort established to test vaccine strategies. The study focus more on acute infection acquisition rather than high risk cohort development alone.
The aim is to develop a cohort of 2,000 individuals at high-risk of HIV infection in Uganda (subtype D, A, A/D), Tanzania (subtype C, A, A/C), Kenya (subtype A), and Thailand (subtype CRF_01 AE, B). Volunteers are screened in each country from populations with very high prevalence (20-70%) to yield incidence rates of >3%.This study also defines the prevalence of HIV-1 in this volunteer cohort, determine the distribution of HIV-1 genotypes and different host genetic backgrounds, assess the range of CD4 and viral load in HIV-1 infected volunteers, characterize behavioral and other risk factors associated with HIV-1 infection, and augment HIV-1 prevention and education programs, human resources, and laboratory infrastructure to support future vaccine trials.