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How to participate in clinical trials

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Participating in any of the studies conducted by NIMR-MMRC is free and completely voluntary, although there could be slight differences in enrollment procedures depending on the nature of the study but the general procedure is similar between the studies. 

Study/trial activities for all studies or projects start after obtaining ethical approval from relevant authorities.
We take time to inform government and community leaders and make sure that the  community is well engaged concerning the study. Normally the study team organizes an information seminar to potential participants whereby the study is explained in details.
These seminars or meetings are organized either in the areas of recruitment in the community or at the clinic, for instance in vaccine trial studies and TB studies the seminars are conducted at the clinic.
For other studies like RV 217, EMINI, WHIS educational seminars are done in the area of recruitment or at times on house by house basis depending on the nature of the study.
The community members or volunteers who are willing to participate in the study after detailed explanation have to sign an Informed Consent before any study related procedures are done, following that is the registration and a screening appointment and enrollment procedures will follow if they are eligible to participate in the study.