COMMUNITY-Participation in NIMR-MMRC Studies

Participating in any of the studies conducted by NIMR-MMRC is free and completely voluntary. There is no cost for the clinic visits, examinations or laboratory tests that are part of these studies. There may be slight differences in enrollment procedures depending on the nature of the specific study.  Study/trial activities for all studies or projects start after obtaining ethical approval from relevant authorities such as Mbeya Medical Research and Ethics Committee (MMREC), National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR) and Tanzania Food and Drug Authorities(TFDA).

Before the study activities begin we take time to provide local government and community leaders with the necessary information about the study to be conducted through our community advisory board . We make sure that the community is well engaged/involved in various aspects of each study through different methods e,g letters,  meeting, seminars, radio programs and community educational meetings. Furthermore the study team organizes information seminars to potential participants whereby the study is explained in details and interested individuals, register their names and are given appointments to come to the clinic for screening and enrollment procedures. These seminars or meetings are organized either in the areas of recruitment in the community (RV 217 study) or at the clinic for vaccine trials, HIV treatment studies and TB studies.

Before commencing any study procedure the community members or volunteers who are willing to participate in the study have to read and sign an Informed Consent form that has all the necessary information for the participant to know about the study including aims and objectives of the study, duration of the study, all procedures and number of visits scheduled as well as benefits and risks of taking part in the study (if any). 

The volunteer is given time to ask questions or clarifications and the study staff will respond accordingly. There after screening and enrollment procedures will continue. Participants are free/allowed to with draw from the study without loosing any privileges that they are otherwise entitled to.

For further questions or clarification please contact the community engagement team at NIMR- Mbeya Medical Research Centre: +255 25 2503364 Mbeya Tanzania.

Community Outreach Team    

     Erica Sanga: Community Engagement Coordinator

     Doreen Pamba: Community  Engagement Officer

     Weston Assisya: Community Engagement – Field Coordinator and Logistic personnel.

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